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Quadbase Systems Inc., based in Santa Clara, CA, provides tools, technologies, and services that enable customers to disseminate high-value business information and manage business performance through Web sites, portals, mobile phones, tablets and applications. Since 1997, the company has focused on leading edge Java technologies for Web-enabled data reporting, visualization and dashboard presentations. Many major global organizations, in over 35 countries, have successfully deployed their web applications based on these tools and technologies.
Originally founded in 1988, today we sell our products all around the world:

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The explosive growth of Web technologies, storage capacity, Cloud and mobile computing and the resultant glut of new information have fundamentally changed the way in which data is presented and delivered. Companies that have rushed to embrace new technologies now find that users expect Web and mobile applications to be vehicles for high-value, up-to-the-minute business information as well. Leveraging on existing technologies, Quadbase has developed the EspressChart®, EspressDashboard® and EspressReport® family of products to address these new information needs.
Quadbase solutions can handle virtually any reporting requirement from the simple output of application data to the sophisticated presentation of KPI dashboards to ad-hoc report and analysis. With dynamic and actionable content, these solutions can meet the information delivery and performance management needs of the entire enterprise, and empower users with the power of interactive information™ anytime anywhere, on-the-go, securely without compromise and without IT development overhead.


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