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Centralized File Management

EspressDashboard (EDAB) provides a central server-side repository that allows collaborative development and management within organizations. The Organizer interface allows developers and administrators to create, modify, and secure queries and charts. The Organizer can be launched as an application on the client or directly from the server via a Web browser. It serves both as a central repository of all EDAB files (charts, reports, dashboards, maps...), as well as a platform for developing charts. Chart developers can launch the Chart Designer from the Organizer.

In addition, within the Organizer, Administrators can setup data sources and database connections for developers. Privileges and security are also administered through the Organizer, allowing folders, charts, maps, reports, dashboards, and data to be secured.

Two Publishing Options

Reports and charts in EDAB can be quickly published to Web environments in a couple of ways.

EspressDashboard provides a dashboard portal for end users. This customizable HTML interface called the "Menu Page" allows users to run dashboards. Dashboards in the central repository are automatically published to the portal and security roles are enforced throughout. In addition, dashboards in the repository can be run via HTTP URL calls. Users can request a dashboard directly and the dashboard will be streamed back to the client.

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