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Online License Registration

If you have recently purchased a full version of one of our products, you can use these pages to register your existing installation, and generate a license file that will allow you to upgrade your evaluation installation to the full version.  You can also use the installer to generate the license file.

Please select the product version and enter the license key that was provided to you with your purchase.

You will need to enter the host name or IP address for the system on which you will be running our software.  It's important to make sure that the host name is correct, or the software will not run correctly after you install the license.

When you submit, you will be prompted to download a file named "qblicense.jar".  If you use EspressChart or EspressReport, copy this file to the <Install dir>/lib/ directory of your installation. If you use EspressDashboard or EspressReport ES, copy this file to the <Install dir>/lib/ and <Install dir>/WEB-INF/lib/ directories. This new file will un-lock the full version of the software.  If you have any problems with this process or are unable to get the full version to work, please contact our support: 

Phone: (408) 982-0835
Email: support@quadbase.com



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