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EspressView - your dashboards on mobile

Data Visualization and BI Dashboard/Reporting on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices

EspressView is a mobile application for viewing dashboards, maps, reports and charts on iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets. You can now access critical information about your organizations anytime, anywhere on-the-go in a timely and secured manner without compromise.

You can easily thumb through the list of reports and dashboards developed on EspressReport® ES or EspressDashboard®. It fully supports interactive features such as applying filters, drilldown, drill-across, sorting, and alerts.

The comprehensive end-to-end security/privilege and role-based security feature ensure that the right information is delivered to the right users at the right time.


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Key Features:

  • All existing reports, charts, maps, dashboards developed on EspressReport ES and EspressDashboard can be run on the iPhone, the iPad, and Android devices as is without modifications and reworks.
  • Unlimited drill-down on dashboards to reports, charts, maps or to another dashboard.
  • Data can be filtered dynamically via shared/global parameters on the dashboard.
  • Access KPI and critical information anytime anywhere securely without taxing the wireless networks.
  • Published reports, charts, maps can be viewed on iPhone, iPad, and Android essentially providing an on-the-go reporting portal.

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