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Ad-Hoc Reporting, Query & Analysis

EspressReport ES provides several ad hoc reporting and query features that allow users to create a wide range of queries and reports through a zero-client browser interface.  Unlike some other tools, ERES provides a simple query interface that is geared towards business users, not high-level analysts.  With these tools users can create queries, build reports and charts from any data source, and publish the results without any training.

The data view interface shields users from database complexity, by allowing administrators to pre-define tables, joins, fields, and even filters creating in effect a local schema.  End-users can then select (typically aliased) fields, and perform ordering, sorting, filtering, and aggregation without any knowledge of the underlying database structures.

The QuickDesigner component is a zero-client browser-based ad hoc reporting and query tool, that allows users to query data views, and quickly turn the results into a finished report or chart.  The QuickDesigner can run reports/charts on any data source in the Organizer, and allows users a simple point-and-click interface to build queries.

Users can arrange, sort, and perform dynamic filtering on the data.  Once users finish creating a query, the QuickDesigner provides formatting options that allow the query to be turned into a polished report or chart or report with charts.

The QuickDesigner allows business users to handle many of their own ad hoc reporting requirements, freeing development resources from report creation/modification cycles.  Reports/charts created using QuickDesigner can be saved back to the central repository allowing them to be published with other application reports.

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