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In this page you'll find interactive Web based demos of Quadbase's Java Reporting and charting solutions, as well as examples of types of reports and charts that can be created and API programming examples.  If you would like to see a live product demonstration, please contact our sales department.

Dashboard Examples

Sales Dashboard Examples - Several practical examples themed around sales dashboards.
Salesforce Dashboard Examples - Dashboard examples based on Salesforce data.
Temperature Dashboard Example - An example containing temperatures from across the globe demonstrating the auto refresh feature.
Security Dashboard Example - An executive dashboard focusing on vulnerabilities and threat management.
Data Center Performance Dashboard Examples - An example dashboard focusing on the performance of different data centers.

Financial Dashboard Examples - Dashboards showing yearly financial reports.

Smart Phone Usage Example - An example dashboard showing smart phone usage.

Map Examples:

Google and SVG Map Examples - Broad range of examples showing different ways to utilize the new Maps feature.

Report Examples:

EspressReport Report Gallery - See different report types and interactive API/Programming examples.
EspressReport Application Demo - Sample corporate dashboard/scorecard example that uses EspressReport to create interactive, dynamic reports and charts.

Chart Examples:

EspressChart Chart Gallery - See different chart types.

EspressChart API Chart Gallery - See different chart types and interactive API/Programming examples.
EspressChart Interactive Servlet/JSP Demo - Sample dynamic charting programs that use EspressChart features in a thin client servlet/JSP configuration.

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