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Features and Release Notes

Dashboard and QD Designer

  1.     Sound Alerts feature in dashboards
  2.     Alert popup messages feature in dashboards
  3.     Added 3D chart axis scaling to the QuickDesigner Charts
  4.     Improved LDAP compatibility
  5.     Fixed several GUI bugs in responsive dashboards
  6.     Fixed a cross-site scripting security problem in report viewer

Report and Chart

  1.     "Save report with no saved data" feature in Report Designer 
  2.     Fixed a problem with multi-value parameters with BigInteger data type

General improvements

  1. Unified data registry dialog in Quick Designers and Map Designers allows users to view query, query result, and test with different parameter values, so users can locate the desired query easily.
  2. Diagrams on start page of Quick Designers and Map Designers helps end-users to understand how to use the tools quickly.

Dashboard Builder

  1. Being able to change chart type in dashboard preview gives end-users more control on dashboard contents.
  2. Directly opening report/chart/map designer from dashboard builder makes it much more convenient to edit existing components or add new components.
  3. Besides original static dashboard, responsive dashboard is added as a new dashboard type. Responsive Dashboard optimizes utilization of the display without exceeding the display width preset by user. Therefore, it’s useful for mobiles.
  4. Refresh Template icon on each report/chart/map makes it easier to test dashboard with real data.

QuickDesigner Reports

  1. Simplified UI includes only two steps: Select Datasource and Construct Report.
  2. Constructing and formatting report in only one interface makes it intuitive and easy to see what you get and flexible to make changes.
  3. Drag and drop to add report columns and order report column ease the work of report design.
  4. Right click on report column to do Aggregation/Format/Remove is straightforward.
  5. ’Excel-like’ search icon on each column header allows data filtering by column.
  6. Parameters pane on the right makes report testing easy.
  7. Less items on Toolbar reduces confusion and saves time.
  8. Collapse Sidebars allow more space for report design.

QuickDesigner Charts

  1. Simplified UI includes only two steps: Select Datasource and Construct Chart.
  2. Setting pane and chart preview pane are in the same window, so all design steps can be done in one window.
  3. Improved toolbar shows Chart-Specific Options based on current chart type and combines settings to reduce icons.
  4. Parameters setting on Chart Preview pane makes chart testing easy.
  5. Collapse Sidebar allows more space for chart design.

Online Maps

  1. Online Map is a newly designed Google Map. It is more straightforward to create a new map.
  2. Displaying setting on left pane, instead of popup dialog, makes UI more user-friendly.
  3. Save dialog shows Organizer node tree. It makes it easier to locate the desired organizer folder to save map file.
  4. Heatmap feature provides visualization of data intensity.
  5. Being able to set parameter values in Map Designer makes testing easier.
  6. More map types satisfy different needs.
  7. Users can draw various shapes instead of simple map points. The shapes are drawn in Coordinates Editor.

SVG Maps

  1. Redesigned UI is more straightforward to create a new map.
  2. Allow users to change SVG image after a map is created.


General improvements

  1. Bug fixes and performance improvements - hundreds of bug from customers supports. Many of them are not included in lates V6.3 update, because their integration required deep code rewriting. Our software runs much faster and better than ever before.
  2. Java 7 and Windows 7 support.

New features

  1. PAK Files - make it easier to transport data registries, dashboards, and maps in a single file which makes them easier to share between servers.
  2. Improved Organizer with Advanced Search Dialog - features flexible sorting options and intuitive icons that improve ease of use and functionality.  The Organizer is now embedded into the browser window, without any pop-ups.
  3. Support for Multiple Administrators - enhances the manageability of information and security.
  4. Improved LDAP Support - LDAP users can be integrated from any existing Active Directory, without any modifications to the Active Directory. Users can be managed completely in the Active Directory and all changes in the AD will take effect immediately.
  5. Import Users from CSV File with GUI - lets you import users by simply browsing the local directory and loading the file in an easy-to-use interface.
  6. Improved database upgrade - The most common databases are now upgraded automatically by the installer, which makes upgrading from any previous version to the new 6.6 version very easy.
  7. Tooltips for Charts in Dashboards - are now more detailed and easier to read. Users can clearly see data points and other key information.
  8. Touch Screen Gestures for Dashboards - make it even easier for users to view and analyze dashboards anytime, anywhere all while using intuitive touch screen gestures on mobile devices.
  9. QD Report/Chart Insert Variables Dialog - enables parameter values to be displayed on Quick Designer reports and charts, giving users more control over the content of their reports and charts.
  10. Tomcat 6 support.

Report features

  1. “ALL” Parameter Value - allows users to select the all values in a parameter, rather than selecting each value individually.
  2. Unexpanding PAK Files - allow users to seamlessly transport reports, sub-reports, and drill-downs in one file, making collaboration easy and effective.
  3. Round Corners for DHTML - offers another way to make reports more visually appealing and adds another element of customization.
  4. Vertical Text in Report Cells - allows users to further control report options to suit their visual requirements.
  5. Auto-Resize Column Width for Excel Export - makes the Excel export conform to Excel reporting.
  6. GUI for Inserting Data Source Column to RTF - gives users the flexibility to insert columns, formulas, and parameters into rich text without having to remember and type the item names.
  7. Data Types in Previews in Query Builder and Data Views - let users easily see the types of data in their reports which allows the tracking of data types and makes it easier to build formulas.
  8. New Chart and Report Designer Icons - make designing reports intuitive and aesthetically appealing.
  9. Dialog to Specify Section Height - enables users to easily create precise section heights by entering the desired value rather than by controlling the height of different sections with a mouse.

Chart features

  1. Time Based Zooming for HiLo and HLCO Charts - Users can select an aggregate data range to more efficiently analyze large amounts of data.
  2. Top N and Bottom N Options - allow users to get a quick overview of key performance metrics.
  3. Smooth Trend Lines - present a more accurate picture of the trend.
  4. More Configuration Options for Gradients - gives users complete control of gradient options for each part of a chart.
  5. Insert Vertical Line with Today as Value on Gantt Charts - lets users clearly label a point in time to show the progress of projects.
  6. Improved Transposition UI - for charts allows users to intuitively transpose charts visually, without the need to understand the underlying structure.


New features

  1. Introducing Alerts - Keep track of key performance data in real time with the new Alerts feature.
    1. Alerts for All - Create alerts for reports, charts, and maps. Existing charts with control ranges and SVG maps with thresholds can be immediately used as alerts.
    2. Real Time Monitoring- Monitor your data by specifying the alerts to watch, defining the time interval and frequency of the check, and sending detailed emails to notify key personnel.
    3. Dashboard Alerts - Highlight components when a specific alert is triggered prompting the viewer to take timely actions.
  2. Excel Datasource - Extract data from Excel spreadsheets directly using the new Excel datasource feature in the data registry. Excel 2007 and 2010 are supported.
  3. Auto Start Server - Once configured, this new feature automatically starts the EspressDashboard server when the application server is started.
  4. Improved File Management - When saving maps, dashboards, and Quick Designer files, the new interface blocks users from overwriting other people's files.
  5. Map Parameters to SQL Query in Quick Designer - Quick Designer users can now map parameters directly to an SQL query.
  6. Quick Designer Dial Chart Options - New options such as draw full circle and needle options are available in the Quick Designer Dial Chart.
  7. HTTPS Install - Users planning to use HTTPS can install using the HTTPS option, which will automatically create a local certificate. This allows users to connect to the server using HTTPS immediately after installation.

Dashboard features

  1. Multiple Dashboard Drill-down - Dashboard components can have multiple drill-downs and the new interface allows for easier control.
  2. Maximize Dashboard Components - Components in dashboards can now be maximized so users can view the enlarged component clearly.
  3. Default Dashboard Options - Users that prefer options different from the default can now set their preferences in the admin console to have their settings loaded automatically.
  4. New Dashboard Options - Dashboard Designer can now enable auto refresh in the builder. Parameter ranges dialog now allows the flexibility of showing the entire dialog or only the drop down list portion.


Data export

  1. Export to the Latest Excel Format - An addition Excel enhancement, reports can now be exported to the XLSX format viewable in Excel 2007 and 2010.

Report features

  1. Excel Datasource - Extract data from Excel spreadsheets directly using the new Excel datasource feature in the data registry. Excel 2007 and 2010 are supported.
  2. New Barcode Library - Reports now support 30 different barcode standards.
  3. Expand and Collapse Grouped Reports - The new feature takes large summary break, master & detail, and crosstab reports and makes them much more manageable by allowing you to expand and collapse groups of data.
  4. Import Existing Charts to Reports - The new feature allows you to select an existing chart to add to your report rather than creating a new chart or going through work-arounds.

Chart features

  1. Excel Datasource - Extract data from Excel spreadsheets directly using the new Excel datasource feature in the data registry. Excel 2007 and 2010 are supported.
  2. Chart Color Sets - New color sets are available to make your charts look better than ever. Choosing a color set means new data that did not have a color mapped will always use colors from the set rather than choosing a random color.
  3. PAC Files - The new PAC feature will combine all charts and their drill-downs into a single file for greater transportability and easier backups.
  4. Auto Adjust 3D Charts - Charts are automatically adjusted for scale and position to create a much better appearance when using the Chart Designer.
  5. Chart Designer Bounding Box - A convenient new bounding box has been added in the Chart Designer to help scale charts without using the right mouse button.
  6. Improved Sorting in Charts - When users choose to sort the data in the Chart Designer, the sort order will be applied to dynamic data as well.
  7. Chart Designer Dialog Enhancements - Several dialogs, such as Insert Link, Trendline, Control Area, etc., were updated to provide an easier to use interface.
  8. Single Color Column/Bar Chart - Column/Bar charts without series are drawn with single color by default.

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